The adventure

Old man John was sitting in his backyard when lil Mike jumped from Ms M’s house. Lil Mike’s eyes were filled with so much up excitement as he ran towards Old John. They exchanged greetings while Mike walked the few yards from the wall to John. Young man took a sit next to the old timer and they just started having chats while they smoked the lovely tea. After a few smokes it came to the old timers attention that he had to go for an errand, it at least seemed that way to Mike, this then led to Mike going to fetch his shoes from the other side of the wall and went to the front where old man John was waiting for him only to be told to fetch a jacket as their mission wasn’t promised to be short. Young man put on his shoes and told the old man to head on out while he fetched the jacket with intent to catch up from his place.

As Mike headed home, Old man John was already going towards the train station as he had told the younger. As he was walking everyone made it a point to either stop home for a brief chat or at least a random greeting. Lil Mike managed to catch up to him while he was chatting with MaNcube, the lady who owned the local tavern. Old John used lil Mike as an excuse to wrap up the conversation and promised to see her later. After the goodbyes the boys were once again all alone. As they were walking old John confirmed with lil Mike that he was turning 18 the next day. While unable to control his emotions the younger only blushes and all the old timer did was mumble ” Gatsheni,” and they went on to enter the ticket shop which confused the younger as though they had never paid for the train before. ” I thought we didn’t pay cause you still the CEO of the train company” old John chuckles as he turned back to wave at the lady who had attended to them, all he tells him is that time would reveal to him what went down on that particular day. This made the younger rather uneasy as they entered the train.

Mike takes the seat he sees vacant but to his surprise old man John told him that It weren’t wise for him to get comfortable where he was. For a moment the young man was confused and as the train was departing old man gestured him to come with and they started heading towards the last trailer and while they were walking there, Mike wouldn’t stop with the questions and when they were finally got to the last trailer the old man turned to Mike and said,” what did I say about patience.” From assessing the old man’s face the younger goes straight to silent mode. The old man follows up with, ” what’s about to happen is going to be new and disorienting but when you feel the earth everything is going to be automatic, I will see you when it’s time for us to reunite.” The younger dying to ask questions, he nods and the old man smiled and hugged him while he assured him he would be fine. Straight after the hugs the old timer blind folded Mike and he performed what appeared to be a spell that brought up a map. Mike was all blind folded uneasy was written on his face asking questions and expressing how all that was going on was scaring him and making him feel some type of way.Old man selected a destination, after he completed the configuration on the keypad next to the door. He opened the trailer door and guided Mike towards the door saying, “remember not to panick son I will be waiting for your grown ass, trust the earth, it will be your best ally.” As the younger was about to ask why they had to go different ways the old geezer pushed the boy into the black hole that appeared on the trailer door. The old geezer had worry if not regret in his face and receiving a call thereafter that he didn’t care to accept, he just went on to climb up the train where he jumped off to a levitating woven basket and flew away into the clouds.

The wind was blowing on the bare red soil the dust made seem misty. A black whole appeared and spat out Mikey. He came to in a fright as though he was having a nightmare, he shouted “Khulu,” while he got the blind fold undone and wiping the dust off his face. The young man is startled as some black holes started to come out of nowhere spitting out other adolescent girls and boys like himself…

Nqostoh has said… TBC

Have heart 💖

Word to aArU

I feel the pain but I’m high on the pane… Yeah it’s that srrrr.srr.. That’s keeping me calm, while I wait for the gain… The game goes on and so should I, it seems…. A good thing to have a whole house of Godly nature backing me, I’m so unstoppable … Am however forced to be humble…take a sit down with Jane, watch the show from my perspective, for a change, we waiting high in the skies like Horus,the dmc’s!? That’s all for the clouds… That’s what the rainy days are for.. check the world is on mute!!! but for a moment only… The tik talking is driving me insane…. A other day another chance to gsd…vices vices that’s all there is all over the grapevine what’s with that face!? what’s the news huh!? This ain’t for fun we just coping and tryna fit ourselves in this new world…. As old gods this is quite the adventure I’d say… Sips drink… It’s that good good…. Witching hour approaches, here I am still with pen and paper in hand …the corner of thought is glowing and calling…. A glimpse of a beautiful day… a day like no other …it shall yet come … I Will bother mine spirit with now as it is the gift we call present, times although scary …. this new world is a Tripp Tripp … Play along, act out… Pay it out.. pay up … Read that did that … Read the dough c and a’z… Better not assume things my g that ain’t healthy,,, confrontation huh I know it’s uncharted territory but until when is the real question…. Look at the world from the window glass let that glass stand between the world and yourself… Perfection is unreal and unreasonable but it’s worth a shot to give it your all, a rip off? prolly fax? They don’t come easy diz days with, annoying orange doing a cos play if he knows how to run a country..fake news.. Yeah that’s that fudge ish… House is coming,,, Thoth is pulling up, best be there, if we in luck he might share some wisdom… Horus will be watching us in the air, Gaia has us in her prayers… Them East London trips back at the rust bucket have increased from that good goo… Watch out for these kid knees parently it’s a hazard… But the zoomers are racking it up… Osiris has had it with this new kind of gold… He’s cool as long as Anansi, the ancient god of mischief, is tamed… Though famed for many deeds even the celestials know not to slip up… let this be the first chronicle of aArU …

I’m feeling the pain… Tomorrow promised the gain.. the pane and Jane will keep me company… The House is coming through better brace thyself… it’s the dawn of a new new. Set is in the desert setting up the dough c.a’z…. please behave lest you be addressed by Thoth himself!?


I have experienced it in many different ways…

Its been a bliss and i am looking forward to experiencing more of it…

The purity of the feelings that get bubbled up to make one feel amazing… Paradiso

Spread it, not that it hasn’t spread itself, but because it already is … within the air….

Together we should just harness its power and spread it from every corner of this beautiful world for the good of mankind….

My theory is …. if its spread through out we might just find ourselves being able to cut the most hectic cancers that continue to molest our planet…

We are who we are because I am… I think that’s how it goes 😉,

Nqostoh has said….:)

Between the lines

I told her how I feel that night, I had taken way to long to practice my lines, lucky I bumped into her at Stones a few days before she had to travel back home:(, I knew I had to pour my heart out, so I made attempt… Never have I thought learning someone feels the same way would be so satisfying… With,
The thought of you that doesn’t miss a night let alone a second… We made the best of that little time that we had left…

What an amazing night that was

I’m back here in my corner of thought, I look outside the window… I already want to stay here…
Right now it’s just myself and I smoking a blunt
Me is too busy trying to keep up with the thought of u, can’t hold it against him really ,,, she is a dime…

I wish I could suspect foul play 😂 but I would be lying 💀… SHE is AMAZING,B-E-A-UTIFUL, RAD*EXCELLENT, INFINITY be the time I want to spend with her, a NURTURED soulmate… I have nothing but ADMIRATION for her

timeless: a poem without an end…

We do what we do because we want to

We are free but then we aren’t at the same time
 We are told to do this but there is is a line we aren’t allowed to cross
We aimlessly aim to achieve certain things but we just being distracted
The good question is what are they distracting us from
Our time is limited at the same time it isn’t
I say this so you make of it what you feel but don’1706-BK_black_big_wheel_clock

t call it a conspiracy theory

If you notice i just did the same thing i just introduced you to
It something that we have imprinted in us
We focus on the tiny things, not a crime by the way.
As people we gotta give  ourselves time to explore certain things that we have been taught not to
We are so in love with the box that has been set by the unknown authority
we are so afraid of creating our own boxes
even society has called it taboo to step outside the box.
the what if question will never answered if we stay inside the set box.
…….. remember there is no end to this poem


I cannot imagine myself ever surviving eye contact with her

Not that I don’t want make contact,

The light that glistens through her eyes is the one that I can’t bear.

She is the one that gives me a safe haven when I need one.

I am unsure if she is aware of what her energy does to me when we make contact.

This is cheesy, and yet it is honest.

I met her just a year ago through a friend of a friend.

I won’t lie, the first time I met her I was way past cloud 9.

I never was able to gather enough energy and courage to speak to her,

The one time she came to me and I knew nothing to do, lucky I was drunk that night.

I am not bragging.

I always would ask about her, hearing about her from other people gave my heart peace.

Remember this is cheesy and yet it is honest.

I don’t want to scare her away

At the same time I need her to know how I feel

I feel like she has a vague idea of how I feel,

This nostalgic feeling has made me someone else, I want her by my side forever

I asked her to come and see me the other day and she pulled through,

Love is how to describe her character.

Admiration is all I have for her.

Reassurance is what I’m offered by her smile.

Infinite is the number of words that I can use to her how I feel

Selfishness is all I have for your attention

Eternity is how much time that I want you by my side

I will hold on to the light that you have given always and forever

I am nash and I approve this message.




All that I go through is all torture.
I can’t really complain just because I am not the only one with issues.
I don’t blame anyone for the problems I face but if only one could have someone
To blame.
Life could be so much easier.
I hate the fact that I have to deal with my issues on my own, at the same time
I cannot give the burden to another soul.
Not a single soul is post to go through that shit on their own,
We don’t deserve that
You don’t deserve that, I for one definitely
Do not deserve that shit.
Yes, I have attempted to cope with it, but this shit don’t work.
I am just but a human being, ones soul can only do so much.
I have my issues with life at the same time I love life.
This shit is just too damn hard to cope with

All I am saying is …
I am saying nothing, coz dis shit is really messed up. We haven’t any choice but to deal with it, init
Do not dare try and judge me coz I am no superman, there aint no perfect human being yet

we still strive to be at the top.
This world is all kinds of fucked up and most importantly,
It is cruel and this my friend is nothing but the truth.

there’s no time to fuck around
So much for being human … ey
I hate how negativity and positivity are post to be at some kind of equilibrium in one’s life. What kinda shit is
That shit aint right, personally
I say it’s a ton of BS. Funny thing, it aint never balanced.

I have tried everything
I drink, but it pops back up
I hope and pray, I haven’t the time to wait for an answer.
I meditate and it’s only gone for a good 2 seconds
Man do I hate this…
If I take drugs, why I don’t I hang myself and be done with it?
What the Fuck am post to do? Killing myself aint no damn option but then again
What the FucK is? The answer to this question? Yeah I don’t think it exists.

My struggle, our struggle, your struggle will forever be there.
It is within me
It is within you