Word to aArU

I feel the pain but I’m high on the pane… Yeah it’s that srrrr.srr.. That’s keeping me calm, while I wait for the gain… The game goes on and so should I, it seems…. A good thing to have a whole house of Godly nature backing me, I’m so unstoppable … Am however forced to […]

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I have experienced it in many different ways… Its been a bliss and i am looking forward to experiencing more of it… The purity of the feelings that get bubbled up to make one feel amazing… Paradiso Spread it, not that it hasn’t spread itself, but because it already is … within the air…. Together […]

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Between the lines

I told her how I feel that night, I had taken way to long to practice my lines, lucky I bumped into her at Stones a few days before she had to travel back home:(, I knew I had to pour my heart out, so I made attempt… Never have I thought learning someone feels […]

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I cannot imagine myself ever surviving eye contact with her Not that I don’t want make contact, The light that glistens through her eyes is the one that I can’t bear. She is the one that gives me a safe haven when I need one. I am unsure if she is aware of what her […]

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    All that I go through is all torture. I can’t really complain just because I am not the only one with issues. I don’t blame anyone for the problems I face but if only one could have someone To blame. Life could be so much easier. I hate the fact that I have […]